Payflow Link Pro Credit Card Software


Payflow Pro is a powerful and scalable payment processing solution for larger ecommerce websites. It also has the flexibility to allow for offline payments through a virtual terminal interface.

Payflow Pro is recommended for merchants who need a high level of performance and direct control over collecting credit card payment on their Web site. VeriSign Payflow Pro also allows you to accept and process offline orders using a virtual terminal.

  • Centralized, Highly Secure Data Management: Data is hosted in a high security, fully redundant data center.
  • All transactions occur over secure SSL connections between your site and the VeriSign data center.
  • Configurable to any E-Commerce Application: Payflow Pro is ideal for enterprise merchants who require complete customizability for a controlled consumer experience.
  • Platform Compatibility: The Payflow Pro SDK is available for the following platforms: Windows® 95/NT, Linux, Sun® Solaris®, FreeBSD, BSDI, IRIX®, Java, AIX, HP/UX and others. The SDKs are available from the VeriSign Manager Web site.
  • Reliable, Failproof Connectivity: Payflow Pro ensures uninterrupted TCP/IP level communication streams between your customers and your servers, eliminating potential errors.
  • Payment Versatility: Payflow Pro provides immediate connectivity to all major payment processors. VeriSign lets you authorize, manage, and support all major credit cards, debit cards, purchase cards, ACH transfers (bank-to-bank), and electronic checks.
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