Hypercom T7P Credit Card Terminal with Thermal Printer

With the Hypercom T7P terminal you get both a credit card terminal and a printer in an appealing integrated solution. Merchant Warehouse offers the Hypercom T7P with both thermal and friction printers at Guaranteed Low Prices.

The Hypercom T7P integrated terminal and printer has a small footprint and saves you precious counter space. The 35-key keyboard features single stroke activation for check, debit, void, refund, and many other functions.

  • Memory:EPROM: 32k; RAM: 256k
  • Display:2x 20 Back-lit LCD
  • Keypad:35 keys
  • Card Reader:Tracks 1 and 2 simultaneous read (Track 3 optional)
  • Communications:ModemBell 212A/103, CCITT V.22/V.21, 1200/300bps
  • Protocol:SDLC (Synchronous) and; Asynchronous (VISA® 1 and 2)
  • Auxiliary Ports:Serial Printer: RS232; PIN pad: RS422; Parallel Printer: TTL
  • Reliability:Key Life: 350,000 operations; Card Reader: 400,000 reads; MTBF: 95,000 hours
  • Peripheral Compatibility:S7C; S7SC; S8; P8S; P8F; ICE
  • ESD Resistance:12,000V
  • Memory/Clock Back-up:Lithium Battery (5 years)
  • Physical:H: 2.25 in; W: 6 in; D: 6,75 in (301 mm); Weight:1.3 lbs;
  • Environmental Operating Temperature:0°-45°C/32°-113°F
  • Operating Humidity:0% to 85% , non-condensing
  • Power:+24Vdc,200mA
  • 35-key keyboard is easy to learn; simple to use
  • 512K memory
  • Under 10 second dial transaction response times
  • Clerk-friendly operations make it easy to change paper and ribbons
  • Cashier replaceable printer module
  • High visibility 2x20 back-lit LCD display
  • Full track 1 and 2 card reader is standard
  • IC card reader option
Refurbished: $129.00

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