Merchant Warehouse offers a complete line of credit card processing equipment including credit card machines, wireless credit card terminals, credit card software, printers and PIN pads.

Credit Card Terminals (40)

We stock thousands of credit card terminals from every major manufacturer and ship most orders from our own distribution center.

Wireless Credit Card Terminals (10)

Merchant Warehouse is the largest supplier of wireless credit card machines on the Internet. We carry wireless credit card terminals from many major manufacturers, including Way Systems, Nurit and VeriFone.

IP Terminals (14)

IP Compatible terminals allow merchants to use a high speed internet connection to process credit cards. An Ethernet Cord is plugged directly into the terminal to provide a quick turnaround on transaction timing. IP Terminals cut the overall transaction time in half, provide speed and convenience to the customer, and is an ideal solution for business owners using a high speed DSL/Cable internet connection.

PIN Pads (13)

Merchant Warehouse is the largest supplier of PIN Pads. Our PIN Pad offerings include products from VeriFone, Hypercom and Nurit.

Check Readers (3)

Choose among top-of-the-line check readers like the VeriFone 600 and the Verifone CR 1000i. We guarantee that you will get the lowest price on all our check readers and receive the highest level of service.

Contactless Payment Readers (1)

Contactless Payment terminals have become the present and future of credit card transactions. Get your contactless payment terminal at Merchant Warehouse.

Credit Card Printers (8)

Merchant Warehouse is the largest supplier of credit card printers on the Internet. Our inventory of credit card printers includes products from DataCard, VeriFone, PeriPheron, Hypercom and Nurit.